Failing Foundation?

foundation-issuesIs your foundation sagging, sinking, cracking, or in other disrepair? Chances are you are going to need major work. And to make the repairs that is beyond the scope of many homeowner capabilities. That is why it can be a major stressor for homeowners when they experience these issues. The good news is that with professional help, your home can be as good as new. The foundation repair is even warrantied with some companies offering a transferable warranty. Check out Piertech’s installers for a list of quality crews that warranty their work.

The process begins with an expert surveying the situation.  They are trained to assess the damage and recommend an immediate course of action.  They also provide an estimate of costs for the homeowner.   Depending upon a number of factors the contractor will recommend a certain solution, most likely some kind of helical pier.

The number one question that is asked is, “how many helical piers will I need“.  That is a tough question to give an exact answer for.  But the factors that determine how many piers you need are the size of the house, the soil that it is installed in, the depth of load bearing strata, and other environmental issues.

Construction will begin on your home shortly.  Unlike other foundation repairs, this process does not require as much excavation.  It is also free from concrete, which eliminates the amount of time required to fix the foundation.  This is a big advantage of using helical piers.

If you have a minor issue or a smaller home, the repair can be completed in as little as one day.  For bigger projects, it should take less than 3 days.  After installation, your home is now stabilized and secure.  The construction crew will fill the back fill the dirt and fix your landscaping.

If you are experiencing foundation issues, find a certified helical pier installer to help you secure your home.